Girl Connected Resources — Keep the conversation going

Thank you for an empowering #GirlConnected screening and panel! We are inspired by our thoughtful conversation on how gender stereotypes constrain girls’ and women’s potential, and how we as a global community can support girls to transcend them.

If you didn’t get the chance to watch the Girl Connected film it is available for free online, along with the Girl Connected Engagement Toolkit.

Thank you to our wonderful moderator, Belinda Goldsmith, and five amazing panelists: Aarti, Alejandra, Chelsea, Michelle & Yaara. Each inspiring young woman serves as an advocate for an impactful organization, and we are so grateful for their partnership. Read their work and join the cause:

The non-profit organizations that Yaara and Michelle are involved with, Creativity for Peace & Akili Dada, are both featured in Wonder Girls: Changing Our World, a new book out from PowerHouse Books & written by Paola Gianturco. Wonder Girls profiles girls age 10-18 who are leading change around the world. Check out the book here!

Let’s keep the global conversation going! Talk with boys and men in your life- your brother, best friend, dad, uncle, grandfather, cousin, neighbor, etc.- about how they may be inadvertently perpetuating stereotypes and encourage them to become champions of gender equality. 

Check out these powerful stories to engage in conversation:

Get inspired from these incredible young women around the globe who are transcending gender stereotypes and serving as role models for people everywhere:

Take a look at these thought-provoking videos about overcoming gender biases:

  • Stereo” by Ella Fields is “a film about reversed gender stereotypes”.
  • “My Heroes” by Alexander Day & Brian Carufe challenges gender stereotypes this Halloween.