‘Her & Him’ with Lina

The Women and Girls Lead Global campaign in Jordan, I Have a Story, is excited to announce a new YouTube series with YouTube sensation, Lina Abu Rezeq, called, Her & Him’ with Lina.

‘Her and Him’ with Lina is a funny and engaging 6-episode series on provocative social issues affecting all of us: gender stereotypes and women’s rights.

A Jordanian TV/Radio host, and actress, Lina starred in the first-ever Jordan sitcom, Asfoureya. Lina has a deep understanding of these social issues in Jordan- as well as a gift for presenting them in an entertaining and dynamic way. Audiences will walk away questioning cultural norms and reflecting on how they may be inadventertenly perpetuating gender bias.

We invite you to join the conversation. Talk about these issues with your family at dinner and your friends at school. Comment with your thoughts on the video, share it with your loved ones, and be inspired to take action and promote gender equality in your community!

Check out the first episode here.