Faces of Change: Ana Maria

Name: Ana María

Age: 40

Hometown: Puno, Peru

Occupation: Sociologist, working with secondary schools (and facilitator)

How did the Now is the Time Campaign change you?

“Before getting in contact with the AEC Campaign, I had never before participated in a film screening. I still remember how impressed I felt the first time, after watching the Revolutionary Optimists at a school-based-screening: I was amazed by the way the story made it possible to have an open conversation between teachers and students.

Now, after almost 5 years working with WGLG, I feel comfortable facilitating screenings, preparing session plans, adapting resources and methodologies together with secondary school teachers…to create innovative curricula.

This is more than a job: the Campaign made me discover my vocation. Education is my vocation, and using media my tool. I feel proud every time I hear someone calling me “Teacher Ana María””.