16 Days of Activism: Speak out in Support of Women!

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We live in a world where blatant sexism and sexual violence are becoming increasingly normalized. Women and girls’ struggle for equality is facing unprecedented opposition around the globe. In times like this Josi, our “Girl Connected”, is calling on us to speak out against victim-blaming. In a context where we are surrounded by narratives that excuse misogynistic behavior with trite “boys will be boys” explanations, we need to do everything we can to amplify the voices of women and girls.

Women and Girls Lead believes that true stories about the challenges and triumphs of girls are transformative. These stories connect girls to each other and inspire change. As a community activist working to create sexual and reproductive health awareness, Josi is also invested in empowering girls. She reminds us that the struggle against gender-based violence “is still on! It’s not over when the 16 days of activism against gender violence are over.” She says, “Women have to be closer than ever, support ourselves in these situations when doors are closed and our rights are undermined.” As always, we are ready to support the voices of women and girls in these difficult times. Are you ready to speak out in support of women? Share your commitment on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #GirlConnected.

Watch Josi’s inspiring story here:

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