Faces of Change: Sharon

Name: Sharon Etemesi

Age: 22

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Occupation: Public speaker and structured debate trainer.

How did the Women and Girls Lead Global campaign change you?

“My alma mater, Pwani University is situated in a very patriarchal society and as such leadership was a preserve of the men. Following my engagement with Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF) (ELF is a partner with WGLG Kenya), I was interested in changing that culture.

It was a long process as the constitution of the school did not recognize the 2/3 gender rule. I approached the university leadership who proposed that we conduct a referendum to change the constitution to accommodate women leadership. Though it was my last year of school and I would not be a beneficiary of this development I owed it to my colleagues to fight for this right.

Following the adoption of the 2/3 gender rule in the University constitution, I am happy that 11 women were elected amongst the 30 student leaders heading different positions in the school. Though I completed my undergraduate degree, I continue to inspire youthful leaders by training them in the art of debate and public speaking.”