Introducing the Faces of Change Campaign

Women and Girls Lead Global is excited to announce our new blog series, Faces of Change.

The Faces of Change campaign is a window into the lives of the community members we have worked with on the ground, who work to promote gender equality. During our five years reducing gender-based violence in India and Jordan; improving educational outcomes for girls in Peru; preventing child marriage in Bangladesh; and promoting women’s leadership in Kenya, we have witnessed people directly and indirectly impacted by our campaign.  

Thanks to the incredible hard work and leadership by our Country Coordinators and facilitators on the ground, community members have changed their hearts and minds on various societal issues. From the wife in Jordan who inspired her husband to hold all-male film screenings on gender equality, to the Ms. Politician political drama series in Kenya that inspired men to vote for women in the 2017 elections, people’s lives have changed due to the WGLG campaigns. These stories of individual change shine a light on the various grassroots efforts that community members are taking to actively create solutions to their own societal problems.

Short biographies of students, teachers, government officials, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, girls, boys, women and men are windows into the lives that change us. Stories are the common thread that tethers us to one another; that pull at our heart strings and links us together, one-by-one.

We encourage you to join us. Read about them and share their stories- whether you’re at the dinner table with family, on walks with friends, or at the checkout counter of your grocery store- have conversations so that we may grow in our understanding of togetherness, community, and humanity.