16 Days of Activism: Give Girls The Freedom To Pursue Their Dreams

Ghazal 16 Days image

This 16 Days of Activism, “Girl Connected” Ghazal challenges families to give girls the freedom to pursue what they love.

Girls around the world are often discouraged or prevented from pursuing their dreams, especially when those dreams are deemed inappropriate for women and girls. Ghazal uses art and photography to fight repressive gender norms that try to silence girls’ voices. Her work inspires other girls to think beyond gender stereotypes and tell their stories to the world through a range of creative forms.  From taking photos and interviews for Humans of Amman, to painting murals to beautify her community and encourage artistic expression, Ghazal is constantly thinking outside the box.

Women and Girls Lead believes that when girls’ have an opportunity to express themselves they can create real world change for themselves and their communities. During these 16 days of Activism, we’re following Ghazal’s lead and amplifying girls’ voices on- and offline!

Ghazal is one of five amazing girls featured in the documentary Girl Connected. The film by Koen Suidgeest follows teenage girls from Kenya, India, Jordan, Bangladesh, and Peru who are breaking stereotypes and fighting for all girls’ rights.

Watch Ghazal’s inspiring story here:

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