16 Days of Activism: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Michelle 16 Days image

This 16 Days of Activism, “Girl Connected” Michelle has a powerful call to action for girls: believe in your dreams and express yourself!

Battling gender stereotypes to pursue her own dream of becoming an aeronautical engineer, Michelle also mentors other girls to pursue their ambitions. An alum of the Akili Dada leadership incubator in Kenya, Michelle is a dedicated advocate for girls’ rights to education and leadership opportunities. Through the Dream Sisterhood Foundation, she has taught girls the importance of voicing their opinions and ambitions, recognizing that they have to be their own champions in a world where women and girls’ desires are often trivialized.

Women and Girls Lead has always recognized the transformative power of empowering girls to express their stories. Stories, much like dreams, can be blueprints for the kind of world we would like to live in. For the 16 Days of Activism, Michelle calls on girls to speak up and share the things they believe in. She says, “Our society will not improve through great ideas that are in minds and stay there. These ideas need to be heard.”

Michelle is one of five amazing girls featured in the documentary Girl Connected. The film by Koen Suidgeest follows teenage girls from Kenya, India, Jordan, Bangladesh, and Peru who are breaking stereotypes and fighting for all girls’ rights.

Catch a sneak peek of Michelle’s inspiring story here:

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