Share Films, Share Change: A New Way of Seeing


The “Share Films… Share Change” challenge was presented to a young group in Jordan: produce a short film that tells a story about the gender discrimination in your community. Young Jordanians participating in the Women and Girls Lead Global campaign were asked to combine knowledge they had acquired from the campaign’s documentary film screening with phenomena they’ve personally experienced.

Ten films were submitted. Six were short-listed, shared, and voted on via the Facebook page for “I Have a Story,” Women and Girls Lead Global’s campaign against gender-based violence in Jordan. Meter x Meter was the winning film, with a storyline focused on the many ways that girls are treated unfairly, starting with discrimination against very young girls and continuing on to the limits placed on girls’ freedom to study, work, and plan their own lives.

“When a girl is born, the family feels a heavy burden because raising a girl requires their full attention and it’s stressful for them. A girl’s life is not easy. She doesn’t get the opportunity to choose her studies, her career, and sometimes even her friends.”
– filmmaker Hiba Al Nabulsi.